8 String Mono Guitars

I have three different options for 8 string Mono instruments. One is 29"-25". This one is best for a broad range of tunings. You can go down to a low D (below bass low string E) and up to about a high "g" (above guitar high "e").
  For A-a scale lengths.  One is 25.7”- 22.87”. This one is the shorter version and would be the 8 string equivalent of a Gibson tonality and feel because of the relatively shorter scale length. This one is just a little bit longer than a “normal” strat on the low end, so a .080” is probably the best option for the low A, .075 will work but will feel a little loose.. The high a could be a .010” on this one no problem. It will be a little tight feeling and if you do a lot of bends a .009” would be better.  The other 8 Mono that I make has a 26.75”-23.5” scale length set.   This one would be more like the Fender 8 string equivalent, because of its longer scale length set you get more tension and more of a Fenderish tonal palette.   A .075” on the low A will be fantastic on this scale, you might be able to get a .010” up to A but it will probably not tolerate bends.  A .009” will work well, a .008” is probably the ideal on this.  Call or email for more info.