Wes Lambe

 My instruments draw on time-honored traditions of the master builders from generations past, incorporate the best in present day techniques and materials, and reflect my own experiences as a performing musician for over two decades.
I have a rich and wide-ranging work history, both as a luthier and repair shop operator. As a professional player, I understand that music making is always at its best when you are performing on a top quality instrument. Each guitar I make is unique, and as such, it will impart a singular personality to your own sound and style.
I incorporate carbon fiber reinforcement and modern Epoxies where necessary for reliability and stability. I also use modern CNC technology where absolute digital precision is needed. Fanned-fret ®* fretboards are slotted, brass tailpieces are machined, complex inlays and neck joints are routed, etc. with unmatched precision.
In other areas where "tone" and "feel" are the objective, I employ the use of more traditional techniques. Hot hide glue is used for all bracing, acoustic bridges, and neck joints. For centuries, this all natural glue has been used by makers of the finest musical instruments for its resistance to "creep”, and its superior acoustic properties. Archtop plates are graduated and voiced using finger planes and scrapers. Fingerboards are leveled with hand planes. Braces are shaped, comfort contours are carved, and plates voiced using knives, gouges and chisels. All of my necks are individually carved using rasps, files, scrapers and lots of hand sanding.